Operation Sibilla: solidarity communiqué from Bure

A new repressive operation, named “Sibilla“, is targeting anarchists in Italy.

At dawn on November 11, there were numerous house searches in different cities (Cagliari, Cosenza, Cremona, Genoa, Lecce, Massa, Perugia, Rome, Taranto, Spoleto and Viterbo) and 6 companions were served with judicial surveillance orders. Alfredo Cospito, already imprisoned in Terni, was given a preventive detention order (sic!). Michele, a companion from Spoleto, has been placed under house arrest with an electronic bracelet. Four other companions are under various forms of judicial control (forbidden to leave the commune of their home, obligation to report to the police station three times a week).

The companions are charged with the crime of association with the purpose of terrorism and subversion of the democratic order (article 270 bis) because of the design, printing and distribution, also by digital and electronic means, of the anarchist newspaper Vetriolo. They are also charged for graffiti considered as outrage and instigation, in addition to a case of damage to property belonging to others. In addition, they are charged for incitement to crimes and offenses (article 414), for the drafting and dissemination of communiqués inciting the commission of crimes against the personality of the State, with the aim of terrorism and subversion of the democratic order.

In addition to this, two counter-information websites are targeted: roundrobin.info and malacoda.noblogs.org, which are considered an aggravating circumstance of the crime of provocation to crimes and offenses (by means of a digital instrument).

From Bure we want to express our solidarity and support for those charged by the Sibilla operation and also to those of the other repressive operations against anarchists in Italy: operations Lince, Scintilla, Renata, Prometeo, Scripta Manent.

These operations remind us of the investigations for criminal association and anti-terrorist investigations that have been affecting the French anarchist milieu for some years. Last June, the trial for criminal association in Bure took place, after several years of judicial control which included, according to the defendants, the prohibition to contact other defendants, to go to the departments around Bure, to leave France, the obligation to report to the police station, etc. In a climate of surveillance and repression, the state’s stated objective was to crush anti-nuclear resistance by targeting the struggle against the radioactive waste burial project at Bure.

In March 2020, an anti-prison week was organized at the ex-train station of Luméville, near Bure, with the aim of creating international links. During the week, there were many discussions about repressive operations, borders, prisons, being on the run and other reflections about the punitive system. These discussions were facilitated by speakers from different countries and accompanied by a translation system to facilitate the exchanges. Writing workshops for prisoners were offered in order to break the isolation.

Also, before the event, prisoners were individually solicited to participate in the week by writing. Among the contributions was that of Alfredo Cospito. The letter was about the strategies of struggle in the anti-nuclear and anti-authoritarian movements. He wrote, among other things, that “when one of us finds himself inside, the best way to resist is to continue the struggles for which you found yourselves ‘chained’ and you are giving me this opportunity”.

In the Sibilla operation, Alfredo Cospito is charged with the crime defined by article 414 for this letter, and also for a text addressed to an anti-prison assembly of June 2019 in Bologna, as well as for the book-interview “What international?”. The state is thus trying to prevent our incarcerated companions from taking part in the struggle by expressing their anarchist convictions and ideas, and is reinforcing, ever more so, prison isolation.

From Bure, we support the importance of international solidarity against the repression of our companions. Against all authority, let us share our thoughts. Let’s do it on an international scale. Let’s share the thoughts of our incarcerated companions. The struggle does not stop at the bars: let us thwart repression.

Solidarity with the newspaper Vetriolo, with the websites RoundRobin and Malacoda that the state has tried to censor, solidarity with Indymedia and the other websites that continue to publish counter-information, despite the house searches and repressive pressure.

Solidarity with the defendants of the Sibilla operation and with those of the Renata, Prometeo, Scintilla, Lince and Scripta Manent operations. Support to those close to them.

For an international solidarity that thwarts repression and strengthens our means of struggle.

Some companions from Bure



For more information:





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Letter from Alfredo Cospito

Contribution on the occasion of the 3rd anti-prison days in Bure from March 2 to 8, 2020

We publish below a text by Alfredo Cospito, sent to us from the high security prison of Ferrara (Italy) As a member of the informal urban guerrilla group FAI-FRI, Alfredo is accused, among other things, of shooting Roberto Adinolfi, the head of the state nuclear agency, in the legs in 2012 – one year after Fukushima. The same year he was arrested with another companion and was sentenced to 20 years in prison in April 2019.

Even if we do not share the political practice of the FAI-FRI and armed struggle is far from the daily reality of our resistance against nuclear storage at Bure, we want to make this text available as a contribution to the debate. It does not matter if we share Alfredo’s views in detail. In any case, the text addresses some important questions concerning the movement’s strategy in our struggle (such as the diversity of tactics) and the revolutionary perspective in the whole anti-nuclear movement and thus seems to be an appropriate basis for discussion. We also consider it essential to give a place to the voices of comrades that the nuclear state and its vassals are trying to silence with all their strength.

Anarchist Bure Cross, March 2020

Contribution to the anti-prison days at Bure.

In the following text, although your initiative is an anti-prison initiative, I will only briefly mention my current situation as an anarchist prisoner. For two reasons, the first one is that I don’t want to miss the opportunity to express myself about the struggle of “bure”, knowing that many of you participate in this struggle and that I feel it as my own as well as all the struggles against the nuclear monster. The other reason is that I want to emphasize the fact that when one of us finds ourselves inside, the best way to resist is to continue the struggles for which you have found yourselves “chained” and you are giving me this opportunity. I don’t know much about the situation of the prisoners’ struggle in France. This means I could be talking nonsense, that’s why I’m joining my contribution to an anti-prisoner meeting that is taking place these same days in Naples, Italy, maybe things are not so different from us, and the same considerations (with the distinction of facts) can also apply to you. I thank you very much for this opportunity that you give me.

It is a great honor for me (an anarchist terrorist currently detained in a cell of an Italian prison) to contribute with a text (although a modest one) to your struggle, which I also feel as mine. Let me start by introducing myself, 8 years ago I shot the CEO of Ansaldo Nucleare, designer and builder of nuclear power plants, in the legs. It is good to know that Italy, even if it does not have nuclear power plants, exports them in all tranquillity to countries like Romania, Croatia, Albania… The objective of this action was to revitalize the anti-nuclear movement in Italy, giving an aggressive acceleration to the fight against the techno-industrial system. With a “resounding” action, we wanted to show that the anarchists could strike in the “living flesh” one of those responsible for the revival of nuclear energy in “our” country. For once, we did not “limit ourselves” to the only destructive action against things, but we took another direction by striking directly at those responsible for the destruction of “our” planet. We claimed this action with the acronym “Nucleo Olga (FAI-FRI)”.

We wanted to make the different perspectives evident in their feasibility and to stimulate a greater openness to the different forms and practices of anarchist ecological action. To reject the taboo that only actions against things could have a justification. To challenge the absurd conviction of the absolute inviolability of human life, even that of those who, in the name of the science of progress, carry out massacres. The objective was only marginally achieved (even if it made many comrades think) because the practice of “multiform” action has not yet been fully understood (at least here in Italy) and even less practiced in all its potentiality, and many prejudices still remain. Many people see from “peaceful” blockades to street confrontations, from attacks on people to attacks on things, from the use of persistent acronyms to give continuity (like FAI-FRI) to temporary acronyms… Few people realize that all these practices have their own reason, their own specific purpose and are not necessarily in conflict with each other. And in certain situations (like at Bure), if they are practiced without prejudice, they complement each other and become really effective, devastating and disorienting for the power. That is, of course, if you don’t cry “excommunion” when certain actions go further, hitting harder. These are all practices that, if pursued in parallel, without contradicting and opposing each other, can make a difference, reach the goal. The absence of one of these practices weakens the strength of all of them. The important thing is that they contain the rejection of all institutional contamination, otherwise it becomes an acceptance of the system, only counterproductive palliatives. A specific struggle on a circumscribed territory like “Bure” can be reinforced not only by actions in the rest of the country but even further. It is enough to think of this kind of “black international” which, without needing a centralizing organization, has proven time and again that it has the strength to support “our” struggles from outside (from the four corners of the world).

I will never tire of saying it, at the risk of becoming repetitive, we anarchists have a powerful weapon of extraordinary effectiveness in its simplicity: the “affinity group”. Comrades bound by deep affection and trust who decide to act, to strike and return home in good health, and then to strike again. The “affinity group” when it becomes an “action group” finds its strongest meaning in illegal, destructive and risky action. These groups do not depend on the plenary assemblies, they are something else, they have nothing to do with the organization, they live of liberating, destructive gestures and can become really dangerous for the system. Especially when they do not include contempt or superiority towards the people, their assemblies of struggle. When individual or small group action is not antagonistic to the “popular” struggle, it strengthens it, it pushes it further. Violent and armed action is only one (important) part of the life of an anarchist, and there is nothing contradictory to find oneself after having acted alongside the “people” in an assembly to have a say, or on a barricade or a roadblock, the only thing to avoid a priori is the dialogue with power, with the institutions. But these observations are useless, because it is precisely from France that very clear examples of the implementation of “informality” and generalized direct action have come in recent years. News of the actions carried out in your part of the world is constantly reaching us (even within these four walls), giving us ideas and feeding our enthusiasm. I conclude this speech by telling you that even in Italy there are scattered deposits of nuclear waste, in the last few years the State has decided to gather them all on one site. In the past, there have been attempts to stop the transport of waste, for example in the Valsusa region, the waste came from you in France. I am convinced that your example will be important for us too. It is clear to all that this is a struggle for the survival not only of our species, but of the very life of “our” planet, as nature is in danger of being “monstrified” day by day. Nuclear science and technology are disrupting the chaotic order of nature from its foundations. We do not have much time if we really want to change things and reverse this self-destructive process. We must not, and above all, we can no longer set limits to the action, we must overcome the fears and abandon the scruples and go for it.

Alfredo Cospito

February 2020

To write to him :

Alfredo Cospito

C. C. di Terni
strada delle Campore 32
05100 Terni
Italia – Italy

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Boris gets out of prison but is not out of danger

We republish here an article published yesterday on Act for freedom now.

[The trial] of 20 September, which would have dealt with the appeal against the 4 year prison sentence, could not take place because of the still critical state of health of our comrade who continues to be in an artifically induced coma.

The judges decided to “release” him without judicial control, and to postpone his trial until further notice.

While we can only rejoice that he is no longer under the control of the prison administration, he is unfortunately not finished with the justice system, since the end of his sentence [of preventive detention] and his appeal are only suspended.

The words and deeds that are multiplying in solidarity with Boris give rise to the desire to live outside of all authority.

Anarchists in solidarity and complicity,
28 September 2021

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Solidarity with Boris

A few days before the beginning of the Rayonnantes camp, we send all our solidarity to Boris, imprisoned in Nacy-Maxéville since september 2020.

Boris was imprisoned in the context of repression against the wave of incendiary attacks on relay antennas, in his particular case those of the Mont Poupet, which Boris claimed. You can read his declaration here.

A few days ago, a fire started in Boris’ cell and he was transfered to Metz hospital. You can find a communique about his situation here.

You can also find more information on the procedure here.


Our struggles against this energy-consuming world, that pushes the commercialization and artificialization of the world, from Cigeo to relay antennas, are the same.

Our struggles for freedom and autonomy stand against every prison.

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Nancy: Relay antenna fires, 4 years, 2 in prison for B.

Imprisoned since his indictment on September 24th 2020, for the burning of two relay antennas in the Jura during the first confinement, today B. was sentenced to 4 years, two of which in prison.
He was tried behind closed doors, without a lawyer, the only public a journalist and two members of his family, while about twenty people were present outside the court of Nancy to show their solidarity.

A dozen cops came specially to prevent us from entering the court, and we were given a lecture by the proc on justice, sanitary version. Hearings are public but only a little. Only family members can go in “exceptionally”. He was careful not to mention that this doesn’t concern journalists.

The comrade demanded a postponement in order to better prepare his defence, that the hearing be really public and in the presence of his lawyer, who having been informed too late had been unable to come.

He reaffirmed his act and his reasons. Unfortunately, for the moment we have not been able to have a retransmission of what he said. The proc asked for 3 and a half years, 2 of them in prison. As a reminder, the prosecution had offered him a CRPC (appearance on prior admission of guilt), which he had refused.

He has 10 days to appeal, more information to follow.

As soon as the verdict was pronounced we were able to see B. surrounded by guards who put him straight into a car. We followed him for a few metres, making him hear our rage and our cries of freedom.We are not surprised that the judges chose to refuse the postponement, to judge him without the presence of the public and a lawyer, to go beyond the prosecutor’s requisitions, and send our comrade back to the prison of Nancy-Maxeville for many more months.

They would like to see us bow our heads and say we are sorry, but we haven’t stopped rebelling!
Until the destruction of the last of the cages!

Comrades of B.


[Translated by Act for freedom now!]

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Nancy/Metz: Boris in a coma

For more information on the situation of Boris prior to what just happened, see this article. We don’t want to speak on his behalf, so we invite you to read a text he wrote two months ago: Why I burned the two antennas of Mont Poupet. We republish here an article published yesterday on Indymedia Lille.

Our comrade Boris, incarcerated in the Nancy-Maxéville jail since September 2020 for the fire of two antennas in the Jura during confinement, is currently in an artificial coma in the department of burn victims of the hospital in Metz. The fire would have started around 6:30 AM in the cell on saturday, august 7.

The only certainty is that the prison is a system of institutionalized torture, and that the State -from the police to the justice system to the prison-, is directly responsible for this situation.

May the sadness turn into rage against all authority…

Friends, accomplices and comrades of Boris,
August 8, 2021

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Solidarity with Abtin Parsa and anarchists from Iran

Note from Anarchist Bure Cross: in this article, we relay (too late) the call for a week of solidarity (12th-19th of July 2021) with the anarchist Abtin Parsa, published by the Federation of Anarchism Era. We also relay a text from Abtin Parsa published on the 8th of July 2021 about their current situation. Finally, we relay a series of articles from Abtin Parsa in 2018 about torture and prison experiences of anarchists in Iran.

You can find more news from the Federation of Anarchism Era on:

  • Their website asranarshism.com. It does not seem to be accessible through Tor at the time of writing this article – if you’re using Tor, you can use a free web proxy to access it.
  • Their Twitter account @asranarshism, which is currently sharing news of uprisings and riots going on in Iran and facing very hard repression on the streets.

This article is also available in french.

International call for a week of solidarity with the anarchist Abtin Parsa (12th-19th of July 2021)

Initially published on https://asranarshism.com/1400/04/18/international-call-for-a-week-of-solidarity-with-the-anarchist-abtin-parsa-12th-19th-of-july-2021

The anarchist Abtin Parsa is a former political prisoner from Iran with the atheist view imprisoned by the Islamic regime for one year and a half in 2014. Abtin Parsa, 16 years old at that time, was arrested by IRGC [1] for an anti-Islamic and anti-state public speech in his high school, “Shahid Chamran,” in the city of Zarqan. Even after his release from prison, Abtin was continued to be pressured and controlled by the Islamic regime, forcing him to escape to Greece in 2016.

Continue reading

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June 11, 2021: International day of solidarity with Marius Mason & all long-term anarchist prisoners

Below, we republish a call initially published on june11.noblogs.org.

Against another year of state encroachment, against the restriction of free movement under the auspices of “safety,” against the continued brutalization of our friends in prison, we call for a renewal of solidarity on June 11, 2021: International Day of Solidarity with Marius Mason & All Long-Term Anarchist Prisoners. For 17 years, June 11th has been an occasion for celebration, mourning, and revolt. It has been a moment to breathe, to remember those fallen and those in cages, to remind ourselves of why we remain committed to the Beautiful Idea of anarchism. Through our letters, demonstrations, fundraising, and solidarity attacks we keep the beacon lit for those who have given years of their lives for their conviction that the State is a horror against which we must wager our lives.

Continue reading

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Crowdfunding campaign “Support revolution in Belarus”

For over three months, people in Belarus have been fighting against the authoritarian regime.

In 26 years, dictator Lukashenko has built a system aimed at suppressing any political life. The coronavirus and a number of economic problems have greatly changed what is happening in the country. In a few months, Belarusians have learned to self-organize. The presidential elections provoked a wave of the largest protest in the country’s history! But the tyrant does not want to give up his throne. At least 5 people were killed (some died under strange circumstances). Thousands of people were beaten and disabled by the violence of the police. More than 15 thousand have been detained and sentenced on administrative cases. More than 500 criminal cases have been initiated. At least 200 people are awaiting trial in the pre-trial detention center (including at least four anarchists and four anti-fascists).

Since the first days of the uprising, anarchists have been actively participating in street demonstrations and various initiatives in their places of residence. Activists are agitating for self-organization and decentralized protest. Some organized a partisan group. The determination and persistency of anarchist movement of the country has made us one of the most organized political forces in the fight against the dictatorship.

But the anarchists are not ignored by repressive structures as well. Because of the problems, some of our comrades were forced to go underground and quit their jobs. Left without the means to exist and their place of residence, they now live solely on the solidarity of their comrades! With resources scarse we are forced to callour comrades and friends outside of the country for the support. The money for many things are quite urgent and we would appreciate every contribution from small to big!

For today, constant help is needed with:

  • payment for safe housing, rent of meeting rooms and other
  • infrastructure;
  • purchase of protest equipment (megaphones, walkie-talkies,
  • personal equipment, medical kits, etc.),
  • printing leaflets/stickers/pamphlets,
  • supporting those who now live in the underground and cannot earn money,
  • support for activists who have survived violence by the Belarusian state.

We call on comrades around the world to show solidarity with the anarchist movement of Belarus. Through the support of this campaign, you will back not only the anarchists, but also the desire of the Belarusian people to free themselves from dictatorship!

Tell your friends and comrades about the campaign and only with your help we will be able to make our way through the darkest time of night towards dawn!

Support on Firefund (https://www.firefund.net/belarus)

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Videoconference with People from Stop Bzdurom (Stop Bullshit) collective about anti LGBTQ+ repressions in poland.

According to ILGA research for 2020 so called poland became the most homophobic country in EU. However it is not a suprise for any LGBTQ+ person who live there. The hostile homophobic and transphobic politics were visible on rise since present government took power in 2015 and reached its peak point in recent presidential election. The tone of elections was dominated by ostensibly ultrahomophobic campaign of present far-right president who won next term of presidency this country. People could « learn » from his campaign that they are not people but just an ideology and that they destroy polish families and hundreds of tons of other bullshit. That was the clear sign for most fascist and conservative parts of society that hostile and discriminatory attitude towards LGBTQ+ people have full support from the highest autorites in the country.

In the meantime some departamental authorities started to establish so called « antilgbt zones » in their areas- kind of law restrictions that are in theory based on protecting so called polish families, but in reality they are creating zones where lgbtq communities have to live under really heavy oppression one from the government and one from the society from the other side. « AntiLGBTQ zones » appeared on 1/3 territory of the country. Pararell to this events in some cities appeared cars armored with huge banners and megaphones. You can hear and read from them that lgbtq is actually pedophilia or that people who are fighting for abortion want to « sexualize » polish children (sic!).

27th of June 2020 in Warsaw one of the cars was smashed. That was not first time when somebody expressed ones dissagrement against homophobic propaganda spread by those cars. Especially known from protesting those cars and organizations standing behind them (« Foundation Pro ») is young anarcha-queer collective named « Stop Bzdurom » (Stop Bullshit). Following their self-discription they:  » (…) work for LGBTQ+ – smart, educated, brave, and most of all- with a causative power. We differ from the rest of LGBTQ+ groups in Poland on account of our shameless mugs, unapologetic nature, and methods which neither TVP.info ( “News” station affiliated with the government), nor the rest of right-wing asshats would dare to dream about. Everything we’ve done here results from the anger in response to the cruel, harmful, iIl-conceived actions of the fanatics. »
So it wasn’t so supprise when 14th of July in early morning hours police raid a flat where one person from SP collective staing at. Police brutally dragged Margot out of the flat in her pyjamas (without shoes, socks or a sweatshirt), and took her to an unmarked car, threatening her with abuse and death, calling her a f*ggot and a loser. The activist was held up all night, and released the next day by the court, without arrest. Now she needs funds for herself and other people at risk, as well as for further actions of her collective.

For now Margot and her collective need about 4,000 euros for lawyers, and another 4,000 for the queer campaign they want to start next month. All raising funds above this amount will be donated to the Polish Anarchist Black Cross and to anti-repressive activities. To support some people decide to hold video-conferance with people from Stop Bzdurom and solidarity dinner on old Gare of Lumeville to rise founds.This will happen at 11th August

There are also possible individual donations. Informations about how to donate and more about Stop Bzdurom you can find on the website under the link here:

We would like to also encurange you to express your solidarity in any way you feel would be appropriate??

Below is the plan of the event, on august 11th on the old Luméville trainstation :

19.00 – dinner
20.00 – video conferance
After conferance – Projection « Tu nie chodzi o ludzi » ( It isn’t about people). It is a patchwork of filmed assemblies of polish departamental autorieties while debating « AntiLGBTQ zones » laws. Good for education but horrible as cinema.

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