Nancy/Metz: Boris in a coma

For more information on the situation of Boris prior to what just happened, see this article. We don’t want to speak on his behalf, so we invite you to read a text he wrote two months ago: Why I burned the two antennas of Mont Poupet. We republish here an article published yesterday on Indymedia Lille.

Our comrade Boris, incarcerated in the Nancy-Maxéville jail since September 2020 for the fire of two antennas in the Jura during confinement, is currently in an artificial coma in the department of burn victims of the hospital in Metz. The fire would have started around 6:30 AM in the cell on saturday, august 7.

The only certainty is that the prison is a system of institutionalized torture, and that the State -from the police to the justice system to the prison-, is directly responsible for this situation.

May the sadness turn into rage against all authority…

Friends, accomplices and comrades of Boris,
August 8, 2021

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